My Island” by the Farquhar’s was the song that inspired us to go sailing and discover “Our Island in the Sun”.

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About “Our Island in the Sun”- Bob Perry

I never intended to ” really” read this book. My goal before reviewing it was to “peruse ” it and stop now and then when a particular passage caught my attention. Just read enough to do an honest review. But I sat down early one morning and began actually reading the book. Just to get started. Page one lead to page two and to page three and page four etc and soon I was into the book. I stopped to eat breakfast but I couldn’t wait to get back to the story.
Garry says the book is not a “cruising handbook” . Maybe not but it’s certainty a “cruiser primer” in my opinion. I can’t think of much he leaves out in terms of the life of a cruiser. Maybe Pirates. But that is it. I like the way Carol writes her own accounts of the adventure. It’s good to see two perspectives of the same situation and experience. The psychological aspect of long-distance cruising can be as interesting as the pragmatic side of keeping a boat going. Carol and Garry both give you great insights into this very personal side of the adventure.
If I were to criticize the book I’d say from a designers perspective, I would have liked to see more descriptions of the other boats Garry and Carol encountered on their voyage, That’s just me. When I finished the book I remembered a saying, “Long range cruising is all about fixing your boat in exotic places.

Bob Perry

The book is written using six ways to present the content so as to give you the reader, something you have not seen before in books. It is written so as to make you to see how we use all the resources one would normally use on a daily basis, including “Carol’s Thoughts”, and for example the log book, weather, radio logs, satellite photos, engine and watermaker usage, solar and wind generator output entries and charts with our route on it etc. There are stories within each chapter that are sometimes funny and some “life threating”. This type of presentation will give you the reader, a deeper understanding what the authors went thru daily and where we were and the anchorages we were in, and a new way to read a book. The book is in COLOR so Enjoy!!!!

About Garry and Carol Domnisse

Garry grew up around boats in Newport, Oregon. He had his first sailboat an O’Day Day Sailor just after he graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in International Business. He retired from the United States Coast Guard on April 1, 1996 after spending 30 years doing what he loved..

Carol grew up around boats as her father had sailboats on the Chesapeake Bay and that is how she spent her summers: sailing. We met at a single sailors event in Long Beach, Ca. and we were both boat owners also and the rest is history. We were married on Yellow Rose in Avalon, Catalina Island, California, and she was a registered nurse.

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  2. Hey guys…thanks for posting our blog and YouTube site on your web page. It is our honor to carry on with your beautiful boat. I like how Bob Perry thought you himself…”Cruising really is about fixing your boat in exotic places”. We find the same is true decades later on “Yellow Rose“ aka “Brick House”. I guess that’s why we started the YouTube channel…to show all the fun we have fixing our boat in exotic places!!! We leave Richards Bay, South Africa next week after 8+ months fixing the boat here (and going on a hell of a lot of Safaris too!)
    Loved this second edition! You had so many adventures on our favorite girl!


    1. Thanks. That means a lot. Keep having fun .stay safe! What is this new alarm system on Brick House? I am giving two one hour presentations at Seattle Sailboat Show this weekend and your blog and UTube channel are mentioned .




  3. I don’t usually find a blog or anything much like them,but I noticed a few things we all seem to have in common.fair winds to new friends


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